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2nd annual "Par for the Horse" golf outing to be held on June 18.
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It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words. For those unfamiliar with equine assisted therapies a few words may be necessary to explain our home page image.

Horses can take us on paths of great beauty and self-discovery with their uncanny ability to illuminate where we want to go, and who we are. This horse is about to carry it's rider onto just such a path.

The mounting block in the foreground is the staircase used to help bring the rider up to the same level as the horses' back. For many, climbing those steps requires great courage as they begin to face their fears or commit to a course of action.

The crutches leaning against the mounting block are both real and symbolic. For those with a physical disability the crutches may be a necessary aid to mobility. For others the "crutches" may be emotional reactions of fear, anger or depression used to mask hidden feelings. Still others may use the behavioral "crutches" of addiction, tantrums, or intimidation developed as a coping mechanism. Horses seem to know who a person really is. They ignore the outward form and respond, instead, to a person's inner substance. The crutches have been left behind because they are useless when riding a horse.

On the back of a horse, a person can travel to places thought unreachable. Now you know that Life's Journey begins with a single hoof print.

Life's Journey would like to gratefully acknowledge the donation of time and talent by Joe Leon and Jay Matusow in the creation of its web site.